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  • Development of content; marketing strategy;
  • Quality specialised content;
  • Collaboration with Publisher Services;
  • Presell page – for SEO;
  • Blogs maintenance and management;
  • Texts optimization;
  • Social media marketing content;


  • Domain purchase and maintenance;
  • Preparation of texts for a website;
  • Creating a website on WordPress;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Computer programming expert help (3 hours per year);
  • Blog maintenance – 1 post per month;
  • Linking; 3 optional website packages in subscription model;
  • Dedicated solutions.


  • Brand, industry and competitive analysis;
  • Media monitoring;
  • Sales campaigns;
  • Brand campaigns – leveling negative reviews;
  • Educational campaigns;
  • Brand awareness building;
  • Link building;
  • Brand spokesperson campaigns;

Additional services:

logo design

corporate visual identity

website graphics

campaign graphics

Google graphics for Facebook

auditing and optimizing Search Engine Optimiziation

conventional optimization

Social media:

communication strategy

profile management

Search Engine Optimization